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Healthcare legislation requires most insurance plans to cover breastfeeding services and supplies. Not Sure If Your Insurance Pays? We make this easy by contacting your insurer, verifying coverage, and processing the claim for you.

MEDELA Spring-Creek-Home-Medical-Supplies

Medela Starter Set

  • Open System
  • Yellow
  • Portable Battery Pack

***$60 upgrade fee for all insurance, except Tricare and Bluecare.

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Spectra S1

  • Closed System
  • Blue
  • Non-rechargeable Battery. AC Adapter for power.

***$60 upgrade fee for all insurance, other than Tricare and Bluecare.

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SPECTRA-S1 Spring-Creek-Home-Medical-Supplies
SPECTRA-S2 Spring-Creek-Home-Medical-Supplies

Spectra S2

  • Closed System
  • Pink
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery

***Insurance pays in full.

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*Open System: The end of the tubing that is connected to the collection container is open, meaning milk can get into the tubing and possibly the pump motor. This can lead to mold growth. More maintenance is needed with this type of system.

*Closed System: Has a barrier between the tubing and the collection container. This means air and milk cannot transfer into the tubing, which means no possible mold growth. This style also requires less maintenance.

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